Wednesday, December 14, 2011

12/12 PD Overview

On Monday, the staff at ECSD continued their learning about using technology to provide feedback to students for formative assessment.  An agenda of the day can be found here, and a short synopsis of activities is described below.

CLT groups discussed PD & walk-through data, then reflected on practices over the first half of the year in regards to setting objectives and providing feedback and discussed ways to improve their practices over the next month.

Once again, teachers had options for technology training time, so they could choose what fit their personal learning needs.  PK-2 teachers, our elementary technology teacher and our 7-12 band teacher received training on using iPads with students from Apple trainer Susan Chaplik.  (Thanks to a generous donation from our P.I.E. group, 10 additional iPads are now in the building for students and teachers to use for enhancing instruction.)  Teachers could also choose to attend SMART Response System training with Matt Dix from Tierney Brothers.  A handful of student response systems are being tested in the building by 4-12 grade teachers.  These systems allow teachers to give quick, informal or formal assessments in class, which allows the teacher and student to gauge student understanding of key concepts.  The final options were to attend training on using the SMART Exchange Gallery or the Lesson Activity Toolkit in SMART notebook to create feedback tools to use in the classroom.

In the third hour of the morning, teachers collaborated to put the learning and tech training into practice by developing lessons to be used with students over the next month.

During building time, 4-6 grade teachers focused on analyzing Skills Iowa Assessment results.  Secondary teachers analyzed data from a technology survey given to 7-12 students during the first week of December.   Data was then used to make adjustments to future instruction in a 1:1 environment.

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