Tuesday, September 13, 2011

September 6th Professional Development

September 6th Professional Development

While students enjoyed an extra day in the sun on their Labor Day break, teachers were back in the classroom for the morning. Many people have asked, “What is it that teachers do on those professional development days?” Following is a synopsis of what was done during our 4-hour block of time on Tuesday, September 6th.

The morning began with small-group discussions of Using Technology with Classroom Instruction that Works, a book that will be studied a chapter at a time throughout the school year. The book was selected by a committee of teachers dedicated to integrating technology in education and will help our staff to make good use of the many SMART boards, computers, and ipads the district purchased this year.

Following the book discussion, teachers attended practice sessions to increase their knowledge and experience in the use of SMART boards.

To insure application of new learning, teachers spent the next hour in grade-level and content area groups to create lessons based on recommendations from chapter 1 of the book study, technology training, and Iowa Core objectives.

Analysis of fall DIBELS data was the focus for K-2 teachers in the last part of the morning. This assessment gives teachers information about the basic early literacy skills of our youngest students. Teachers combined this information with what they had learned from district assessments and classroom observation to create lessons and activities that will move students forward in their learning.

New to grades 3-6 this year is the Skills Iowa assessment . Teachers in these grades attended a training session to learn about these assessments, which will give us information about students’ knowledge of the Iowa Core Curriculum.

Middle School and High School teachers performed a data review of fall MAP scores and learned how to access reports to better understand student achievement on the test.

To stay informed about professional development at Earlham Community School, check our blog often at dltecsd.blogspot.com.

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